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White Eyelet Adult Rocking Chair Cushion By: Baby Doll

White Eyelet Adult Rocking Chair Cushion
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Sit in Comfort!
Add even more comfort to your favorite rocker with this dainty Eyelet Rocking Chair Cushion Set. Our designer cushion set is made of delicate eyelet and comes complete with ribbons to keep the cushions in place.
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Eyelet Adult Rocking Chair Cushion
Item NO. GL002633
Availability: Ships in 6-10 business days
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    Eyelet Adult Rocking Chair Cushion
Back Cushion: 17"W x 23"H
Seat Cushion: 16"W x18"D
Fabric Color/Content: Poly/Cotton
Highlights: Machine Washable
Eyelet designs do vary and are subject to change at any given time.
Made In USA
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4 Stars (19 Reviews)
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White Eyelet Adult Rocking Chair Cushions
  I been looking for the right rocking chair for my daughter cause she will soon be having her first buddle of joy hopefully on the 14th of February or the 26th but we all are hoping for a Valentine baby, and this chair will g.j o good in his nursery. And it's just what I been looking for, but before I decide to get it let me look around first but definitely I want this on.
Sheila Barrington, KY  
Review 2 of 19
  I have a video in my YouTube channel for this beautiful cushion pinupholt1982
Libby Holt, Nevada  
Review 3 of 19
Super pretty
  It's very very pretty it's a good size for my glider rocker the one thing you need to put over other cushion because the cushion is not to thick
Libby, Nevada  
Review 4 of 19
Eyelet Rocking Chair Cushion Set
  It is a nice and comfortable rocking chair cushion set.
Adah, WI  
Review 5 of 19
Beautiful white rocking chair cushion
  This is beautiful rocking chair cushion. The padding could be a little thicker but nonetheless it is very comfortable and serves my purpose. So very happy with this eyelet rocking chair cushion
Anna, Vermont  
Review 6 of 19
White eyelet rocking chair cushion
  Very nicely sewn. But needs a lot more padding. If buying for looks 5Stars , comfort 3 stars
Bonnie, Wi  
Review 7 of 19
Eyelet rocking chair cushion
  So absolutely beautiful :). And this is for myself lol as I'm retired. But I do have grandchildren that I love to rock and this beautiful cushion is sooooooo comfortable and cozy. Thank you again and God's blessing :)
Patty, Pa  
Review 8 of 19
Good Bargain
  Your product saved me having to purchase the materials to make the eyelet cushions to match the nursery. I'm sure that would have cost more in materials, not to mention labor. The only thing I was disappointed with was having to wait one month for delivery!.
Nancy, CA  
Review 9 of 19
Eyelet Rocking Chair Cushion Set
  This product is just what it claims to be...I have an old oversized rocker and nothing else I looked for would fit. This is well-made and perfect for my needs.
Bette, CA  
Review 10 of 19
So Cute!!!!
  I really like my rocking chair cushion set. Its so nice and white and goes great with the chair I purchased. I can't wait to hold my bundle of joy in the chair. I would recommend this product.
First Time Parent, MA  
Review 11 of 19
Eyelet Rocking Chair Cushion Set
  I apologize that I have not done this sooner. The product is beautiful and I love it. Also received it in a short time frame,so this was a great find for me. Thank you so much!
Pat Sheppard, NC  
Review 12 of 19
This set was perfect!
  Although quite thin, it was exactly what I needed. I have a small, 100 yr. old rocker and this set worked great & looks beautiful. Good find!
Carolyn Wuerfl, New Jersey  
Review 13 of 19
great product!
  I have a rocking chair that belonged to my great grandmother and it is a little worn and had no cushion. This product looks so cute and fresh on the rocker. I love the way it works in our little girl's room!
Kristin, Arizona  
Review 14 of 19
Very Pleased
  The quality was great, it looks adorable in the nursery, it's quite comfortable and fits my grandfather's rocking chair almost perfect. I would definitely recommend this product to a friend!
New Parent, Dallas, TX  
Review 15 of 19
Wonderful item
  Thank you for your excellent customer service.
Marcy, TX  
Review 16 of 19
Great Rocking Cushion!
  The eyelet rocking cushion is adorable and looks great in the nursery!
C. Kelly, NJ  
Review 17 of 19
Beatufil but needs more padding
  Beautiful when on chair; but could use a little more padding.
Barb, Pa  
Review 18 of 19
Good choice
  Product is as advertised and is surprisingly comfortable!
Martha, NY  
Review 19 of 19
  I received this item and it looks just like the one pictured. It is very comfortable and I could not be happier with it.
Betty, TX  
Product Rating

4 Stars (19 Ratings)
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