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  How to Choose a Nursery Glider  
  Take a moment to really think… what would you say is the best invention ever made to provide comfort in your home? A washing machine… a microwave… how about something real simple… the good ol’ chair! Imagine… working all day, running here and there with just about a million errands and coming home and the only place to relax is the floor. Do you know - they actually used to sit on cushions way down near the floor. Now imagine some more, what if that good ol’ chair is a rocking chair… what could be more sublime than sinking into the comfiest of chairs.  
And… if you’re a Mommy to be, let me tell you, you’re going to be doing lots of sitting and feeding, burping while sitting, soothing and sitting… Need I say more? So, if you’re ready to buy a nursery chair but unsure which to choose, let me help. After reading the rest of this buying guide, choosing a chair will be as easy as 1-2-3.  
Let’s get started! You essentially have three choices when choosing a nursery chair. There are rocking chairs, wooden gliders and upholstered gliders. Each one has its own unique benefits, so read on and see which comfy chair is the one for you. I told you it’s as easy as 1-2-3.  
Rocking Chairs
Rocking chairs are simple wooden chairs that go back and forth, back and forth, back and forth… A soothing motion that’s sure to put you to sleep (if not baby). Rocking chairs tend to be the sleekest of the three and are a perfect choice for small nurseries. They’re budget friendly too! Typically costing less than $150.00. Furthermore, they’re a perfect choice for moms that are into this vintage craze. You can even try to find a real heirloom in a thrift shop or antique show.
Choosing a rocking chair is simple. Just make sure the frame looks sturdy. Otherwise just choose a style and finish that appeals to you. And for an extra dose of comfort, add a chair cushion and you’ll be able to sink into your moving comfort haven.
  Wooden Gliders
For even more comfort than the old fashioned rocking chair, try the new fangled upholstered wooden gliders. These wonderful chairs have cushioning built in, making them a wonderful choice for a new Mom. Let me tell you, new Moms spend hours and hours and some more hours sitting so why not do it in comfort.
Wooden gliders tend to come in an array of colors, both for the finish and the cushioning. Think before your buy! Where will you be placing your glider? The nursery, the living room or master bedroom? Keep in mind that you might not want to give up this glorious comfort once baby is grown. When choosing a color, make sure you consider all the rooms in your house you’ll be placing this comfy retreat. You can either go cutesy… think polka dots or gingham, or classic with solids and stripes.
More comfort means more things to think about when buying a wooden glider. Besides making sure that the frame is sturdy and the padding is firm enough that it won’t sag with use, make sure to consider the following.
   • The width of the chair. Some chairs are quite narrow – you want to make sure your chair will accommodate even basketball player dad.
   • The motion type. Some chairs just glide, some swivel and rock. The more choices you have the more ways you’ll be able to soothe your screaming infant.
   • Extra goodies. Some chairs have padded arms for extra comfort. Some even have pockets for your glasses or latest novel.
  Upholstered Gliders
For the ultimate in comfort, for the paramount of pleasure, for the king of all chairs… try an upholstered glider. What could be more gratifying than sinking into the coziest and comfiest of chairs? Upholstered gliders are padded all around, offering unsurpassed relaxation at all hours of the day and night. After all, babies don’t always believe that night time is sleep time.
  These wonderful chairs come in a full array of fabrics, from oh, so soft plush to sumptuous suede. Let me not forget to mention the loads of choice for colors and prints. These gliders can be perfectly coordinated with your nursery or upholstered in a classic print for double use around the house.
Comfort comes at a price. These sublime chairs tend to be pricier and a bit klutzier than their simpler counterpart. But if you have the money and space, nothing can beat their wonderful comfort.
When buying a chair, your considerations shouldn’t be much different than a standard wooden glider. You need a safe, sturdy frame and firm padding (spring support can’t hurt). Keep in mind motion type, size and all the extra doodads including pockets, headrests, massagers and more.
I said its as easy and 1-2-3 and we already covered three, so what now you say… ottomans are an extra – a real comfortable extra – and if you can afford it, I say buy it.
Ottomans are for putting your feet up so you can get even more comfortable. Ottomans improve your nursing position and provide extra balance while on your moving, soothing chair. Ottomans come in two basic styles – gliding and stationary. If you opt for gliding make sure you get one with a locking mechanism in case the extra motion gets annoying.
So now… if you’re a mom-to-be and worrying how you’ll soothe your crying infant – worry no more! Rocking chairs and gliders are just the thing you need to calm your fussy baby, for midnight feedings and just plain relaxing. You deserve it!
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